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charter oak acc102 week 6,9 and 10 discussions




Question;Week 6;Contribution margin is that portion of revenue that contributes to;fixed costs and (after covering the fixed costs) to operating income. All;revenue except for the contribution margin is consumed by the variable costs;relating to the revenue.;Try and do the demonstration problem without looking at the;answers, it pretty much breaks down the whole chapter for you. Have a great;week!;Week 9;This week we look at;Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing. We all know that an income;statement is used to measure profit performance of a business, now we need to;determine the performance of each center (responsibility center) within the;business.;Week 10;Welcome back to Week 10 of;ACC 102. This week we will focus on Chapter 23 ? Operational Budgeting where;you will learn how to prepare budgets/flexible budgets and supporting schedules;included in a master budget. You will also examine how a company can be;profit rich, yet cash poor.


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