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Question;Week 2 discussionThis week covers Chapter 16 of the text, getting to know the differences between Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting and what exactly Management Accounting is.Please post at least 3 times per week, during 3 different days of the week beginning no later than Wednesday to receive the most credit. Please review the measurement criteria and grading rubric under Course Policies. Don't be afraid to respond and build off of one another as well.Week 3This week we will be looking at two cost accounting systems, Job Order Costing and Activity Based Costing (ABC) and how the overhead rate of producing something is calculated using each method.**Review the powerpoint presentation because it gives a step by step procedure on how to calculate the overhead rate using ABC as well as job order and is an excellent resource to get you through the chapter.Week 4This week we are adding one more cost system into the mix, process costing. You should understand the differences between job order and process costing, how to calculate equivalent units and how to track costs using a process costing production report.**When reviewing the powerpoint slides, I just want to point out that there are notes associated with each slide that give a more detailed explanation of each.After reading the chapter, please discuss with one another when a company would use process costing over job order costing. What factors should be taken into account in deciding whether or not to use job order or process costing in any given production situation?Week 6Contribution margin is that portion of revenue that contributes to fixed costs and (after covering the fixed costs) to operating income. All revenue except for the contribution margin is consumed by the variable costs relating to the revenue.Try and do the demonstration problem without looking at the answers, it pretty much breaks down the whole chapter for you. Have a great week!Week 9This week we look at Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing. We all know that an income statement is used to measure profit performance of a business, now we need to determine the performance of each center (responsibility center) within the business.Week 10Welcome back to Week 10 of ACC 102. This week we will focus on Chapter 23 ? Operational Budgeting where you will learn how to prepare budgets/flexible budgets and supporting schedules included in a master budget. You will also examine how a company can be "profit rich, yet cash poor."Week 11Welcome back to Week 11 of ACC 102. This week we focus on Chapter 24 - Standard Cost Systems.You will learn about the different standards associated with cost control as well has how to compute the different variances and the corrective action to take if these costs are different then the standard cost.Have a great week!Week 13Welcome back to Week 13 of ACC 102.This week you will have focused on how to evaluate capital investment proposals using payback period, return on investment, and discounted cash flow.Have a great week!


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