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Question;1. The Machining Department would be considered which type of department?A. Staff B. Line2. Factory materials incurred on non-specific jobs is considered which cost?A. Direct cost B. Indirect cost3. The Sales Department at large auto manufacturing company like BMW would be considered why type of department?A) line B) staff4. Cost Accounting Department salaries assigned to a department or job areA) direct cost B) indirect cost5. Materials used for specific jobs isA) direct cost B) indirect cost6. Rental cost on a factory building is what type of cost?A) direct cost B) indirect cost7. Cash paid for factory utilities costs incurred what type of cost?A) direct cost B) indirect cost8.Design costs for a new product line is what type of cost?A) direct cost B) indirect cost9. Factory labor incurred on specific jobs is what type of cost?A) direct cost B) indirect cost10. The primary difference between the income statements of a merchandiser and a manufacturer is the cost of goods manufactured statement.A) True B) False11. Direct labor and direct materials are considered extra-special costs of the product.A) True B) False12. Salary of Vice President of a manufacturing is what type of cost?A.) Direct cost B.) Indirect cost13. Manufacturing costs are classified into two categories, direct and extra-ordinary, in terms of the decision-making needs of management.A) True B) False


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