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Question;Meriden Company has a unit selling price of $720, variable costs per unit of $432, and fixed costs of $173,376.Compute the break-even point in units using the mathematical equation.Break-even point unitsFor Turgo Company, variable costs are 57% of sales, and fixed costs are $173,600. Management?s net income goal is $113,339.Compute the required sales in dollars needed to achieve management?s target net income of $113,339.Required sales $or Kozy Company, actual sales are $1,160,000 and break-even sales are $765,600.Compute the margin of safety in dollars and the margin of safety ratio.Margin of safety $Margin of safety ratio %Montana Company produces basketballs. It incurred the following costs during the year.Direct materials $14,800Direct labor $25,076Fixed manufacturing overhead $10,250Variable manufacturing overhead $31,564Selling costs $21,297What are the total product costs for the company under variable costing?Total product costs $or the quarter ended March 31, 2012, Maris Company accumulates the following sales data for its product, Garden-Tools: $311,500 budget, $335,000 actual.Prepare a static budget report for the quarter.MARIS COMPANYSales Budget ReportFor the Quarter Ended March 31, 2012Product Line Budget Actual DifferenceGarden-Tools


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