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Two Accounting Misc. Problems




Question;The following information is available from the comparative balance sheets and related income statement of the Scanlon Company for the year ended December 31, Year 7.(12 points)1. December 31,December 31,Year 6Year 7Present value of lease obligation$2,040,508.60$1,862,939.10Leasehold (net of accumulated amortization)$1,987,224.30$1,766,421.60Interest expense on lease obligation for Year 7$ 122,430.52The company has only one lease contract outstanding, which it entered into on January 1, Year 6. The contract called for 10 equal lease payments commencing on December 31, Year 6.Required:a. What was the interest rate used to value the lease?b. What is the annual lease payment?c. What was the present value of the lease obligation on January 1, Year 6?d. What was the amortization expense for Year 6?2. KLM Company, as tenant, acquired for $600,000, paid in a single amount, the right to use an entire office building for the next ten years. KLM expects to rent out the floors in the building to various commercial tenants. As tenant, KLM accounts for its lease as a capital lease amortizing the leasehold asset on a straight-line basis over ten years. KLM, as landlord, signed operating leases with the tenants for all of the rentable space. The rents total $150,000 received at the end of each year for the next ten years, $1.5 million in total. (12 points)Required:a. Under current GAAP, can KLM treat the same property as a capital lease and an operating lease?b. What is the book value of this property after two years?Assume, independent of your answer to the preceding question, that the book value of the property after two years is $400,000. On that date, some of the tenants go bankrupt and KLM believes it will be unable to rent their now-vacant space, which will remain empty for the remaining eight years. The fair market value of the remaining leasehold with still-solvent, rent-paying tenants is $300,000.c. If the remaining tenants will pay $800,000 in total, with present value $310,000, what entry, if any, will KLM make?d. If the remaining tenants will pay $320,000 in total, with present value $290,000, what entry, if any, will KLM make?


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