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ACCT 3210 Fall 13 Sec 002 2nd Tax Return Assignment




Question;Please complete the required federal individual income tax return forms for the following taxpayer. Unless instructed otherwise, the information provided is for the taxpayer?s 2012 tax year. Please complete his 2012 tax return. Ignore the requirement to attach the form(s) W-2.Bob Grant is unmarried and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Bob?s wife died in 2009, leaving him with three children Alyssa, now age 19, Jared, now age 15 and Katherine, now age 12.? Bob?s Social Security number is 987-45-1234? Alyssa?s Social Security number is 412-32-4537? Jared?s Social Security number is 412-32-5690? Katherine?s Social Security number is 412-32-6940? The Grants? mailing address is 95 Hickory Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40502.? Jared and Katherine are tax dependents for federal tax purposesAlyssa is a full-time student at the University of Lexington. Bob provided all of her support. During 2012, Bob paid $11,000 in tuition expenses, $7,300 in Room and Board expenses, and $1,875 for books.


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