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Kaplan University MT 300 Unit1 Quiz




Question;1. Question: Every system has a single goal. Student Answer: True False Comments: 2. Question: Transaction processing systems (TPSs) are the most widely used information systems. Student Answer: True False Comments: 3. Question: Input is the information an IS produces and displays in the format most useful to an organization. Student Answer: True False Comments: 4. Question: While accounting systems focus on recording and reporting financial changes and states, the purpose of marketing systems is to facilitate financial planning and business transactions. Student Answer: True False Comments: 5. Question: In the capacity of project leaders, senior systems analysts are put in charge of several analysts and programmers. Student Answer: True False Comments: 6. Question: It is important to remember that computers can only carry out instructions that humans give them. Student Answer: True False Comments: 7. Question: The terms ?data? and ?information? mean the same thing. Student Answer: True False Comments: 8. Question: ISs whose purpose is to glean from raw data relationships and trends that might help organizations compete better are called business intelligence (BI) systems. Student Answer: True False Comments: 9. Question: To become data, information is manipulated through tabulation, addition, subtraction, division, or any other operation that leads to greater understanding of a situation. Student Answer: True False Comments: 10. Question: Many ERP systems are used by service representatives in combination with a telephone. Student Answer: True False Comments: 11. Question: Simply put, a ____ is an array of components that work together to achieve a common goal, or multiple goals, by accepting input, processing it, and producing output in an organized manner. Student Answer: plan process project system Comments: 12. Question: Several trends have made the use of ____ very important in business, among them, the variety and ingenuity of computer programs have increased. Student Answer: data maps information lists information systems total systems Comments: 13. Question: Thinking of an organization in terms of its suborganizations or subsystems?called ____?is a powerful management approach. Student Answer: organization thinking organization validating systems thinking systems validating Comments: 14. Question: In today?s world, organizations must continuously ____ hardware, software, and the skills of their employees to stay competitive. Student Answer: downsize share specify upgrade Comments: 15. Question: In most organizations the chief security officer (CSO) reports to the ____. Student Answer: chief administrative officer (CAO) chief information officer (CIO) chief information security officer (CISO) systems executive officer (SEO) Comments: 16. Question: ____ have been used to provide service via the Web, such as helping residents find locations of different services on a city map or plan travel routes. Student Answer: BIs DSSs GISs MISs Comments: 17. Question: A ____ is a business event: a sale, a purchase, the hiring of a new employee, and the like. Student Answer: compromise contract process transaction Comments: 18. Question: A ____ is responsible for the databases and data warehouses of an organization?a very sensitive and powerful position. Student Answer: database administrator database programmer project leader project manager Comments: 19. Question: A ____ is partly involved in the analysis of business needs and ISs, but the greater part of the job involves setting up business applications. Student Answer: database analyst database programmer programmer/analyst systems administrator Comments: 20. Question: ____ records sums owed to the organization and by whom. Student Answer: Accounts payable Accounts receivable Accounts programmable Accounts writable Comments: 21. Question: When visiting a commercial Web site, chances are the site installs a little file, called a(n) ?____________________,? on your computer?s hard disk. Student Answer: Comments: 22. Question: ____________________ ISs provide information that helps management decide how many sales representatives to assign to specific products in specific geographical areas. Student Answer: Comments: 23. Question: Some GISs that support operations use information from ____________________ satellites, especially to show the current location of a vehicle or person on a map or to provide directions. Student Answer: Comments: 24. Question: An accounting system that records accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow is ____________________ if it receives its payroll figures from the payroll system. Student Answer: Comments: 25. Question: Raw data is rarely meaningful or useful as ____________________. Student Answer: Comments: 26. Question: An information system (IS) consists of all the components that work together to ____________________ data and produce information. Student Answer: process Comments: 27. Question: ____________________ devices and communications lines transfer data and information over various distances. Student Answer: Comments: 28. Question: Data is the raw material in the production of ____________________. Student Answer: Comments: 29. Question: A person who holds the position of CIO must have both technical understanding of current and developing ____________________ technologies and business knowledge. Student Answer: Comments: 30. Question: Often, a system consists of several ____________________?components of a larger system?with subgoals, all contributing to meeting the main goal. Student Answer: Comments


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