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Record the journal entries for January 2008 transactions




Question;Record the journal entries for January 2008;transactions;Jan 2 Jerry invested $20,000 cash and;$13,200 worth of dental equipment in the business in exchange for common stock;in a new corporation called J.A. Dentist, Inc.;Jan 3 Paid two months? rent of $2,000.;Jan 4 Purchases $1,000 of dental supplies;and paid cash.;Jan 4 Paid insurance premiums of $3,600 for;a 1-year insurance policy.;Jan 6 Earned and collected dental fees of;$14,600 in cash during the week.;Jan 9 Paid secretary a salary of $1,200;Jan 10 Purchased $300 of dental supplies on;account.;Jan 11 Bought an automobile for business;use. It cost $13,000. Jerry paid $3,000 cash and signed anote payable for the;balance.;Jan 13 Received a $240 telephone bill that;will be paid later.;Jan 13 Billed customers $6,000 for dental;fees earned during the week.


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