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Bach Table Company manufactures tables for schools.




Question;Bach;Table Company manufactures tables for schools. The 2011 operating budget is;based on sales of 40,000 units. Operating income is anticipated to be $120,000.;Actual;income for 2011 was a surprising $354,000 on actual sales of 42,000 units at;$52 each.;Required;Use;the following information to replace the lost data and prepare a variance;analysis report with both flexible-budget and sales-volume variances.;Bach Table;Company;Sales-;Actual Flexible Flexible Volume Static;Results Variances Budget;Variances Budget;Units;sold 42,000 40,000;Sales $2,184,000 $2,000,000;Variable;costs 1,260,000 1,280,000;Contribution;margin$924,000 $720,000;Fixed;costs 570,000 600,000;Operating;income $354,000 $120,000


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