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accounts - Company X has a leverage of 1.81 This means that:




Question;1.) Company X has a leverage of 1.81 This means that:(Assume leverage is calculated as Assets/Equity)Assets are funded with 81% debt.Assets are funded with 81% equity.$1.81 of assets is funded with $1.00 of equity and $0.81 of debt.$1.81 of assets is funded with $1.00 of debt and $0.81 of equity.2) Midyear on July 31st, the Taylor Corporation's balance sheet reported:Total Assets of $174.344 millionTotal Common Stock of $5.080 millionCash of $8.040 millionRetained Earnings of $39.651 million.What were the Taylor Corporation's total liabilities?$134.693 million.$129.613 million.$121.573 million.$137.653 million.3) Last year the Brown company increased their equity. In 2012 their equity was $49,954. Last year (2013) it increasedto $54,851. What are causes of change in equity? Select 3A change in short term debt of-$4,846.A change in cash of -$2,012.A bond issue of$1,599.Profits of $12,756Dividend payment of$6,353.Issue and retirement of stock.A change of plant and equipment of$10,100.Depreciation of -$38,653Plant Improvements of $10,100Change in inventory of-$1,222.An accounts payable change of$1,906.4) The Green Company has just purchased $39,660,000 of plant and equipment that has an estimated useful life of 15years. Suppose at the end of 15 years this plant and equipment can be salvaged for $3,966,000 (1/10th of its originalcost). What will be the book value of this purchase (excluding all other Plant and Equipment) after its first year of use?Use generally accepted (FASB) accounting principles.Select: 1$37,280,400$35,694,000$37,016,000$33,314,400


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