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Question;Salem Corp. contracted for a specialized production machine from Quindo Industries, a tool company. The contract specified a price equal to ?115 percent of production cost.? A sales executive at the Quindo told Salem?s management that the approximate price of the machine would be $1,725,000 based on the following estimates: Direct material cost $500,000 Direct labor cost 400,000Manufacturing overhead (applied based on machine time) 600,000 Markup 225,000Estimated price to $1,725,000 Two months later, Quindo Industries delivered the completed machinery, configured and manufactured as per the contract. However, the accompanying invoice caught Salem?s executives by surprise. The invoice provided the following:Direct material cost $658,000 Direct labor cost 625,000 Manufacturing overhead (applied based on machine time) 640,000Markup 288,450 Estimated price to Salem $2,211,450 Upon receiving the invoice, Salem executives requested an audit of the direct material charges because they were more than 30 percent higher than the original estimate. Quindo Industries granted the request and Salem hired your firm to conduct the audit.a. Describe the strategy you used to validate the $658,000 charge for direct material and discuss the specific documents that you requested from the tool company as part of the audit.b. Describe your strategy for validating the $625,000 charge for direct labor and discuss specific documents you will request from Quindo Industries as part of the audit.c. How might Quindo Industries have manipulated the predetermined overhead rate?d. Even if all the charges are validated, do you perceive the tool company?s behavior in this case as ethical? Explain.e. What suggestions would you give to Salem for the next time they are looking to contract for such an expensive specialized product.


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