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ACCT100 - J.Miller Design Studio Ch4 Comprehensive Problem




Question;Chart of Accounts;Cash;111Accounts Receivable;113Office Supplies;115Prepaid Rent;117Office Equipment;145Accumulated Depreciation - Office Equipment;146Accounts Payable;212Unearned Design Revenue;213Wages Payable;214J. Miller, Capital;311J. Miller, Withdrawals;312Income Summary;313Design Revenue;411Wages Expense;511Utilities Expense;512Rent Expense;514Office Supplies Expense;517Depreciation Expense - Office Equipment;519;Cash investment by J. MillerFor design services performed for Rave Department StoresPaid amount due for utility bill received and recorded in JulyPaid assistant four weeks' wagesPaid for office equipment purchased in JulyPaid September rent in advancePaid utilities bill for AugustPurchased office equipmentPurchased office suppliesReceived advance fee for design servicesReceived cash payment for design servicesReceived payment for design services performed last monthTo accrue unrecorded wagesTo close the expense accounts into the income summary accountTo close the income summary accountTo close the revenue account into the income summary accountTo close the withdrawals accountTo recognize expiration of one month's rentTo recognize office supplies used during the monthTo recognize performance of services paid for in advanceTo record depreciation of equipment for the monthTo record revenue earned, but not billed until SeptemberTo reverse the adjusting entry for accrued design revenue earnedTo reverse the adjusting entry for accrued wagesWithdrawal of cash by J. Miller


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