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Business Proposal Feedback Checklist




Question;I will need help in my ECO/561 class. Week 5- 2 Peer reviews on business proposals from 2 of my team mates as soon as they post them, I will attach the Business Proposal Feedback ChecklistI just want to make sure I can get help ahead of time as this is due on Monday.I have attached the two business proposals for peer review checklistResource: Business Proposal Feedback Checklist.Choose two business proposals from members of your Learning Team.Provide feedback to your peers on the proposals using the Business Proposal Feedback Checklist. Include detailed, substantive comments.Submit the completed checklists with comments to the corresponding students.Submit a copy of the completed checklists with comments to your facilitator. Your comments are evaluated based on how well they correspond with the economic principles presented in Weeks One through Three.="assignmentslevel1">


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