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Intro to Management Course Code- 44453 Chapter 1 Quiz




Question;Intro to Management (Spring, 2014, Course Code: 44453)Assignment: Chapter 1 Quiz1.The fundamental success drivers for an organization are innovation, quality, speed, and product delivery time.TrueFalse;2.Top managers are also called tactical managers since they must translate the general goals into specific objectives and activities.TrueFalse3.Being a manager is more like being the conductor of an orchestra than playing an instrument in it.TrueFalse4.__________ is the excellence of your product.CustomizationInnovation? QualitySix-sigmaQuantity5.The key management functions includemarketing, management, finance and accounting.planning, operations, labor and contracting.hiring, training, appraising and, finance, accounting and production.planning, leading, controlling and organizing.6.Top-level managers focus ontranslating goals and objectives into specific activities.long-term survival of an organization.managing frontline managers.initiating new daily activities.supervising non-management employees.7.Tactical managers are often referred to asmiddle-level managers.lower-level managers.upper-middle managers.operational managers8.;Titles such as foreman, sales manager, shift manager, or supervisor typically belong to managers at what level?StrategicTacticalOperationalMiddleTop9.Which of the following represent skills that managers need?Interpersonal & communication, conceptual & decision, and professionalProfessional, technical, and interpersonal & communicationConceptual & decision, professional and technicalProfessional, technical, and conceptual & decisionTechnical, interpersonal & communication and conceptual & decision10.Which of the following is a component of emotional intelligence?Making good decisionsAdvising others how to become happier at workUnderstanding the shortcomings of those you work withHelping others understand you are correctDealing with power plays made by others


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