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Columbia ACC202 module 1 and 2 case and SLP




Question;ACC202 MOD1CS;Management Accounting plays an important role in most;organizations yet it is often misunderstood by those not directly employed or;involved with management accountants.;Case assignment expectations;Review the information in any good quality resource you can find.;Synthesize this information and discuss the role and responsibilities of the;Management Accountant.;LENGTH: 2 pages typed and double spaced.;The following items will be assessed in particular;1.;Your ability;to apply your understanding of the diverse and important role of;management accountants in organizations.;2.;Your discussion of the;responsibilities of the management accountant for security and financial;integrity in an organization.;3.;Your explanation of the;relationship between management accountants and financial accountants.;4. Your discussion of the expanding role for management;accounting in organizations.;ACC202 MOD2CS;Choosethree;publicly held companies on the Internet. Include;at least two manufacturing companies (there must be a product). None can;be a financial institution such as a bank or an insurance company.;Case assignment expectations;Refer to the financial statements and, for each of the last three;years, identify Net Income and Cash Flow from Operating;Activities. Investigate the Historical Cost of Non-Current Assets.;Look on the Balance Sheet at the categories just below Current Assets. Be sure;to use references to your sources for the company data.;LENGTH: 2 pages typed and double-spaced;The following items will be assessed in particular;1.;What is the trend of Net Income;over the last three years?;2.;What is the trend of Cash Flow;from Operating Activities over the last three years?;3.;How representative do you;believe these historical costs are of the true current values of these assets?;4.;Consider such things as the;nature of the assets and the life of the assets (you can estimate this by;comparing Accumulated Depreciation to the Historical Cost of the assets).;ACC202 MOD1SLP;Your assignment for this Module is to select an organization for;your project and have it approved by your professor. You may consider any;of these organizations as long as you have enough access to that organization;to respond to the assignments. [Note: you will not be asked to;reveal any proprietary or confidential information in your reports. Most;of your reports will be based on your observations.] The organization can't;be a military unit unless you have access to some financial information;of the organization (e.g., if you work for the Finance Command).;The;business for which you work.A;business organization for which a close friend or relative works and to;which you have access.Any;non-business oriented organization such as a non-profit organization with;financial data available to you.SLP1 assignment expectation;Select an organization write a short description of that;organization and your relationship to it.;LENGTH: 1 page maximum typed and double spaced;The following items will be assessed in particular;1.;The content of the;dicussion concerning the organization;ACC202 MOD2SLP;Use information from Module 1 SLP. Review the financial data of;the organization you have already chosen.;LENGTH: 2 pages typed and double spaced;The following items will be assessed in particular;1.;In your organization, identify;at least four significant decisions that must consider cash flow.;2.;For each decision, explain why;cash flow is important.


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