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Business Debt Management-Students are expected to utilize electronic means such as databases and technology




Question;Students will submit it a paper, between10?20 pages, properly formatted using the APA format. Students are expected to utilize electronic means such as databases and technology available through the library to research relevant issues. Students will be expected to integrate and apply various theories discussed during the semester and to explain why these theories are important to business and accounting literature. You will need to make sure to identify the appropriate research question, identify key terms for performing electronic searches, organize your data, obtain data or information from multiple sources and integrate it into a cohesive paper. The analysis must be well developed and consider stakeholder(s) positions. The paper must demonstrate mastery of basic writing mechanics. The paper must be clear, concise, organized, and persuasive and supported with applicable references. All research papers will be submitted via the ECollege Dropbox (concurrently with in a word doc format, PDF format plus all other formats are not acceptable. Any paper in excess of a 20-25% originality report will not be acceptable.Assignment: Please complete a research paper following these guidelines. Research Topic approved is:Business Debt Management. Please follow the APA format


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