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Gustafson Inc-Gustafson Inc. has a stable labor force of 400 employees who are expected to




Question;E20.16.;(amortization of;Accumulated Oci (g/l), Corridor Approach, Pension Expense Computation);The actuary for the pension plan of Gustafson;Inc. calculated the following net gains and losses.;Incurred during the Year;(Gain) or Loss;2012;$300,000?;2013;?480,000?;2014;?(210,000);2015;?(290,000);Other information about the company's pension;obligation and plan assets is as follows.;As of January 1;Projected Benefit Obligation;Plan Assets (market-related asset;value);2012;$4,000,000;$2,400,000;2013;?4,520,000;?2,200,000;2014;?5,000,000;?2,600,000;2015;?4,240,000;?3,040,000;Gustafson Inc. has a stable labor force of 400;employees who are expected to receive benefits under the plan. The total;service-years for all participating employees is 5,600. The beginning balance;of accumulated OCI (G/L) is zero on January 1, 2012. The market-related value;and the fair value of plan assets are the same for the 4-year period. Use the;average remaining service life per employee as the basis for amortization.;Instructions;(Round to the nearest dollar.);Prepare a schedule which reflects the minimum;amount of accumulated OCI (G/L) amortized as a component of net periodic;pension expense for each of the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Apply the;?corridor? approach in determining the amount to be amortized each year.


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