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Clark Cable Inc. joe Edmonds, CPA, was retained by Clark Cable Inc. to prepare financial statements




Question;Joe Edmonds, CPA, was retained by Clark Cable Inc. to prepare;financial statements for April 2011. Edmonds accumulated all the ledger;balances per Clark's records and found the following.;Clark Cable Inc.;Trial Balance;April 30, 2011;Dr.;Cr.;Cash;$4,800;Accounts Receivable;3,900;Supplies;1,500;Equipment;11,300;Accumulated Depreciation;$2,050;Accounts Payable;2,800;Salaries Payable;770;Unearned Revenue;1,590;Common Stock;10,000;Retained Earnings;3,600;Service Revenue;6,150;Salaries Expense;4,000;Advertising Expense;670;Miscellaneous Expense;290;Depreciation Expense;500;$26,960;$26,960;Joe Edmonds reviewed the records and found the following errors.;1. Cash received from a customer on account was recorded as $840;instead of $480.;2. A payment of $135 for advertising expense was entered as a debit;to Miscellaneous Expense $135 and a credit to Cash $135.;3. The first salary payment this month was for $1,970, which included;$770 of salaries payable on March 31. The payment was recorded as a debit to;Salaries Expense $1,970 and a credit to Cash $1,970. (No reversing entries were;made on April 1.);4. The purchase on account of a printer costing $360 was recorded as;a debit to Supplies and a credit to Accounts Payable for $360.;5. A cash payment of repair expense on equipment for $75 was recorded;as a debit to Equipment $57 and a credit to Cash $57.Prepare a correct trial balance.(If answer is zero, please enter 0. Do not leave any fields blank.);Clark Cable Inc.;Trial Balance;April 30, 2011;Dr.;Cr.;Cash;Accounts Receivable;Supplies;Equipment;Accumulated Depreciation;Accounts Payable;Salaries Payable;Unearned Revenue;Common Stock;Retained Earnings;Service Revenue;Salaries Expense;Advertising Expense;Miscellaneous Expense;Repair Expense;Depreciation Expense;="msonormal">


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