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research proposal for our persuasive research paper-Should high school athletes be tested for drugs




Question;For this week's hands-on assignment, we are going to construct a research proposal for our persuasive research paper. You may use the attached template to write your proposal. You may add more supporting and opposing arguments or support points, but you may not subtract from the template, as the template reflects the minimum amount of supporting evidence necessary for our paper.The final paper will eventually be 4-5 double-spaced pages of text, not including the title page and reference page (In other words, the grand total will be 6-8 pages). You should plan accordingly to have enough research information and support points to fulfill this page requirement. This research proposal should only be 1-2 pages long.On your proposal, you may use direct quotes, paraphrases and summaries for your support points, but they must include an in-text citation, and quotes must be in quotation marks. You do not have to have full research done at this time and you may, if you like, only include your own rational arguments for which you will find support later.Remember that your supporting arguments will support your thesis. In other words, your supporting arguments will explain why your thesis should be believed. The opposing arguments should represent opposing perspectives or questions that you expect your skeptical audience to have about your thesis. In other words, your opposing arguments are reasons that your thesis should NOT be believed. The replies to those opposing arguments are how you would fend off that skepticism, point by pointOther Requirements: the text book for this class is In Wyrick's Steps to Writing Well, (8th Ed.): pp. 371-392. please if any in text citation is done please put in " " and mark it. I will APA format it the title of the thesis is "Should high school athletes be tested for drugs?


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