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Question;Require a spread sheet that displays the below information;Following are some points to consider;1. Time frame for the implementation is three years.;2. Via implementation of the proposed system ECI? management looks to cut two low-level assistant? position ? for total saving of $70,000 in salaries.;3. New position of the System Administrator will be established, but you need to determine the feasible amount that could be allocated towards the salary. Consider yearly raises of 4% to account for the increases in the cost of living.;4. Currently, ECI employs seven car mechanics, average salary of each is $65,000. ECI charges its customers an hourly labor rate of $125. No more than five cars could be maintained simultaneously. Each of the five bays costs $500 per day to operate.;5. ECI values each customer based on the premise that every customer brings $15,000 of net revenue per year.;6. Any acquired for ECI? inventory item (e.g., car, part, etc.) must bring at least 15% of the profit.;7. A cost of a delay of inventory acquisition has been estimated at $800 per day.;8. A cost of a delay in maintenance has been estimated at $350 per day.


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