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Question;1 cost is 70.00selling price is 203a find the markupbfind the rate of markup2. Person invested 4,000 at 1.2 compunded quarterly interest for one year.a. what is the future valueb. what is compound interest3. a number increased from 260 to 403? find the percent of increase4. the data shows the number of employee medical leave days for on the job accidents in the last 6 mths of the year 10, 1, 17, 3, 19, 10 what is the mean of days taknen for the medical leave each month?my answer 105. find the maturity value of the undiscounted promissory note that states that ABC borrowed 6,000 for a period of 11 months with the ordinary intrest at 6%. the date of the note was dec 15, 2008. the maturity date was Nov 15.6. to find the % of the total debt compared to total assets, divide the total liabilities by the total assets and write in percent form. find the total debt to the total asset for the bakery for 2012.ASSETScash 2043acct recev 4191merchandise inventory2573total assets 8807LIABILITIESacct payable 3535wages payable 1669total 5204owners equitythe owners capital 3603total liabilites and owners equity 88077. The annual real estate tax on a duplex house is 20,913 and the owner sells the house after 8 months of the tax year. how much of the annual tax will the seller pay? the buyer pay?8. find the acid test ratio for a busness if the bal sheet shows the following amounts cash 32942 recev 11,042 marketable sec 0 and current liabilities 23249. the acid ratio is approximately?


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