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ACCT - Problem 2-3A, 2-4A, 2-10A




Question;2-3A) The hours worked and the hourly wage rates for 5 employees of Kagen company for the week ended September 9.A. for each employee compute the gross earnings.B.Compute the total gross earnings for all employees.(2-4A)The wages and hours information for?ve employees of McNeese Enterprises for the week ended July 8 is given below. Employees work a standard 40-hour workweek and are paid time and one-half for all hours over 40 in each workweekA For each employee compute the regular earnings, overtime earnings, and total gross earnings.B. Compute the total gross earnings for all employees.(2-10A)Under the decimal system of computing time worked at Timmerman Company, production workers who are tardy are ??docked?? according to the schedule shown below.Minutes Late inRinging inFractional HourDeducted1 through 6 1/107 through 12 2/1013 through 18 3/1019 through 24, etc. 4/10


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