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devry acct 212 week 3 discussion




Question;Week 3 discussion;Ethical Business Decisions (graded);Unfortunately, a quick scan of the;business news will normally result in reports of unethical business behavior.;To prove this point, let's start with a review of the news for stories about;fraud and other unethical behavior in business. You can use the University;Library to start your search. Once you have located an article share it with;the class by developing a summary of the important information. Make sure that;you give credit to your source.;Course Project 1 Part A (graded);Go to Course Home and review the Course Project;tab. Then download the Course Project template from Doc Sharing. In this graded;discussion, we will be examining the operation of the Accounting Information;System (AIS) with the use of problems and exercises from your textbook. The;goal is to cover all of the requirements to ensure an opportunity for your;successful completion of Course Project 1.;Let's start with a review of the three requirements;of Part A of the Course Project. Explain why it is important to analyze each;financial transaction of a business and to report it in the Accounting;Information System. Suggestion: Revisit and review the Lecture tab in Weeks 1;and 2.


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