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Question;ACC340-R4 ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS I;Each Question Below is Worth 4 Points;1.) Which of the following is true?;a) An AIS must be computerized to be useful;b) An AIS always produces useful information;c) An AIS always produces financial information;d) none of these;2.) Which of the following is true about the terms ?data?;and ?information? within the context of Chapter 1?;a) The terms are exactly the same;b) The terms are always exact opposites;c) Some ?data? can also be ?information?;d) none of these;3.) Most AISs perform all of these functions except;a) Collect raw accounting data;b) Store accounting data for future uses;c) Process data into useful information;d) AISs perform all of these functions;4.) Which of the following is one of the five interacting;components of an accounting information system?;a) Fuzzy logic;b) Testing;c) Certification;d) Procedures;e) Internet;5.) A computer network spanning regional, national, or;global areas best describes which of the following?;a) LAN;b) WAN;c) ESPN;d) DSL;e) ISDN;6.). Documentation includes;a) All flowcharts, narratives, and other written;communications associated with the information system;b) All written communications associated with an accounting;information system except flowcharts and data flow diagrams;c) All flowcharts, narratives, and other written;communications associated with an accounting information system, except for;program flowcharts, decision tables, and pseudocode;d) Flowcharts and data flow diagrams only;7.) A system flowchart is a block diagram that;a) Is used only by auditors;b) Is used primarily when document flowcharts cannot be used;c) Depicts the flow of computer systems in an organization;d) Depicts the flow of data through a computerized;accounting information system;8.) The financial accounting cycle ends with;a) The production of financial statements;b) Closing journal entries;c) The production of an adjusted trial balance;d) Development of cash forecasts;9.). Which of the following is not usually a design;consideration in coding systems?;a) Consistency;b) Standardization;c) Government regulation;d.) Plans for future expansion;10.) The primary objective of a manufacturing organization?s;production process is to;a) Maintain inventories at a zero level;b) Convert raw materials into finished goods as efficiently;as possible;c) Make sure that there are no product defects;d) Maintain the documentation and report on an;organization?s manufacturing process;11.) Which of the following is not a concern of the;financing process?;a) Effective cash management;b) Optimizing an organization?s cost of capital;c) Minimizing an organization?s borrowings;d) Projecting cash flows;12.) Business process reengineering efforts sometimes fail;because;a) Management gets too involved in the process;b) Management is too optimistic regarding its expectations;from its implementation;c) Management support can never overcome employee resistance;d) Employees will never accept change;13.) Resource Management Process includes which of the;following?;a) Human resource management and fixed asset management;b) Human resource management, inventory management, and;fixed asset management;c) Human resource management only;d) Personnel management, payroll management, and fixed asset;management;14.) All of these are reasons why we think that computer;crime is rising except;a) Some Internet web sites now instruct users how to perform;certain types of computer abuse;b) More people now know how to use computers;c) Computer usage continues to grow;d) all of these are reasons;15.) Thwarting computer abuse can be enhanced by all of the;following except;a) Enlisting top-management support;b) Increasing employee awareness;c) Allowing only 10% of employees access to computers;d) Identifying computer criminals;16.) Three objectives of a company?s internal control system;should be safeguarding assets, checking the accuracy and reliability of;accounting data, and promoting operational efficiency. A fourth objective of a;company?s internal control system should be;a) Preventing embezzlement of assets;b) Encouraging adherence to prescribed managerial policies;c) Avoiding the payment of overtime to company employees;d) Revising standards for production costs on a weekly basis;17.) The control environment is a component of a company?s;internal control system that;a) Influences the control awareness of a company?s employees;b) Stresses the development of control procedures in a;company;c) Directly affects the accuracy and reliability of a;company?s accounting data;d) Can be ignored when establishing a company?s internal;control system;18.) The principal function of an accounting system's;computerized controls is;a) Detecting computer frauds;b) Preventing computer frauds;c) Encouraging programmer honesty;d) none of the abo


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