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Question;Problem 9-23Ratio analysis;Required;Use the financial statements for Bernard;Company from Problem 9-22 to calculate;the following for 2012 and 2011.;a. Working capital;b. Current ratio;c. Quick ratio;d. Accounts receivable turnover (beginning;receivables at January 1, 2011, were;$47,000);e. Average number of days to collect;accounts receivable;f. Inventory turnover (beginning inventory;at January 1, 2011, was $140,000);(Edmonds. Survey of Accounting. 2012);g. Average number of days to sell inventory;h. Debt to assets ratio;i. Debt to equity ratio;j. Times interest earned;k. Plant assets to long-term debt;l. Net margin;m. Asset turnover;n. Return on investment;o. Return on equity;p. Earnings per share;q. Book value per share of common stock;r. Price-earnings ratio (market price per share;2011, $11.75, 2012, $12.50);s. Dividend yield on common stock;Problem;10-21 Product versus general, selling;and administrative costs;The following transactions pertain to 2012;the first year of operations of Hall Company.;All inventory was started and completed during 2012. Assume that all transactions are cash transactions.;1. Acquired $4,000 cash by issuing common;stock.;2. Paid $720 for materials used to produce;inventory.;3. Paid $1,800 to production workers.;4. Paid $540 rental fee for production;equipment.;5. Paid $180 to administrative employees.;6. Paid $144 rental fee for administrative;office equipment.;7. Produced 300 units of inventory of which;200 units were sold at a price of $12 each.;Required;Prepare an income statement, balance sheet;and statement of cash flows.


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