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devry acct 212 course project 1 part b { in end of week 5}




Question;1.;course project part 2Prepare a common-size;income statement and balance sheet for McDonough Products. The first column;of each statement should present McDonough Products? common-size statement;and the second column should show the industry averages.;2.;For the profitability;analysis, compute McDonough Products? (a) ratio of gross profit to net sales;(b) ratio of operating income to net sales, and (c) ratio of net income to;net sales. Compare these figures with the industry averages. Is McDonough;Products? profit performance better or worse than the average for the;industry?;3.;For the analysis of;financial position, compute McDonough Products? (a) Current ratio and (b);Debt ratio. Compare these ratios with the industry averages. Is McDonough;Products? financial position better or worse than the average for the;industry?Course Project 2 - Overview and GuidelinesBack to TopCourse Project 2 satisfies the course description. At the end of Course Project 2, you will be able to prepare common-size statements, analyze profitability, and make comparisons with the industry allowing you to make informed business decisions. Course Project 2 is due at the end of Week 7.The Course Project 2 template has all of the information you will need to complete the project including:Detailed requirementsA worksheet to enter your solutionsA Grading Rubric to help explain what is expected.Download the Excel template named ACCT212_CourseProject2 located on the Doc Sharing tab in the course shell.To complete Course Project 2 (due at the end of Week 7):Using the requirements worksheet for reference, complete requirements 1-3 on the Your Solution worksheet.Type your work directly into the worksheet.Save your workbook as "CourseProject2_ACCT212_YourLastName".Submit your workbook to the Dropbox under "Course Project 2" by the end of Week 7. Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page.


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