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prepare a sales budget schedule and a cash collections budget schedule for June, July and August -13-19/7-27/7-30




Question;13-19;Various;and Capital Structures:Charter Enterprises;currently has $1 million in total assets and is totally equity financed. It is;contemplating a change in its capital structure. Compute the amount of debt and;equity that would be outstanding if the firm were to shift to each of the;following debt ratios: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, and 90%. (Note: The amount;of total assets would not change). Is there a limit to the debt ration value?;7-27;Blake Henderson and Anna Kraft are;preparing a plan to submit to venture capitalist to fund their business, Music;Masters. The company plans to spend $380,000 on equipment in the first quarter;of 2008. Salaries and other operating expenses (paid as incurred) will be;$35,000 per month beginning in January 2008 and will continue at that level;thereafter. The company will receive its first revenues in January 2009, with;cash collections averaging $30,000 per month for all of 2009. In January 2010;cash collections are expected to increase to $100,000 per month and continue at;that level thereafter. Assume that the;company needs enough funding to cover all its cash needs until cash receipts;start exceeding cash disbursements. How much venture capital funding should;Blake and Anna seek?;7-30;Suppose a lumber yard has the following;data;?;Accounts receivable, May 31;(.3 X May sales of $350,000)=$105,000;?;Monthly forecasted sales: June;$430,000, July, $440,000, August, $500,000, September, $530,000;Sales consist of 70% cash and 30% credit.;All credit accounts are collected in the month following the sales.;Uncollectible accounts are negligible and may be ignored.;Prepare a sales budget schedule and a cash;collections budget schedule for June, July and August.


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