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Question;Week 7 discussions;Financial Statement Analysis (graded);If you were to get a physical from;your doctor and he or she only took your blood pressure prior to stating that;you are in good health, would you be concerned? If you have noticed in your;readings, starting in Chapter 3, there has been explanation of the methods by;which you could determine the financial health of a company. Name one and;explain how it is computed. Which financial statement(s) does the input come;from? Most importantly, what does it tell you about the financial performance;or health?;Course Project 2 (graded);Go to Course Home and review the Course Project;tab. In this graded discussion, we will be examining the process of evaluating;the financial performance and health of a company with the use of problems and;exercises from your textbook. The goal is to cover all of the requirements to;ensure an opportunity for your successful completion of Course Project 2.;Let's start with Exercise 13-19A by preparing a;common-size income statement for the McMahon Music Co. Do this in Excel. Do not;post your spreadsheet in the discussion, but rather, place a screenshot of it.;How did you format the cells? Any suggestions on where to obtain assistance;with building the spreadsheet?


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