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Question;Which of the following is a characteristic of management accountingIt must follow generally accepted accounting principles.It is used primarily by internal users.It is concerned primarily with reporting past performance.It uses historical costs as the sole measurement unit.An example of a period cost is:advertising costs.indirect materials.product design materials.Which of the following is not an objective of product costing systems?To provide information for cost planningTo assist in the preparation of the income statementTo determine the optimal amount of products to manufactureTo provide information for product pricingWhich of the following entities probably would use a process costing system?An oil refineryA yacht builderA custom furniture companyA custom screw manufacturerActivity-based management includes all of the following except identifying:customer satisfaction with a product or service.the resources that are consumed by each activity.activities as resources are consumed by each activity.An insurance company pays its employees a commission of 6 percent on each sale. What is the proper classification of the cost of sales commissions?Constant costVariable costMixed costFixed costWhich type of budgeting utilizes employees at all levels of the company?Group budgetingSelective budgetingTarget budgetingParticipative budgetingStandard costs are useful for all but which of the following?Determining actual costsPreparing budgets and forecastsEvaluating the performance of workers and managementHelping to develop appropriate selling pricesAn example of a pricing objective is to:ignore long-term pricing strategies in favor of short-term profits.increase market share irrespective of the cost of a product.maintain a price that is always under that of the competition.maintain a minimum rate of return.The overall objective of controlling the costs of quality is to eliminateappraisal costs.costs of nonconformance.costs of conformance.the costs of quality.


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