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Question;Jaguar Hotel Corporation has a hotel, dining room and conference centre facility. The accountant has presented the following budget data:Hotel Dining Room Conference Centre TotalCapacity 100 rooms 100 seats 200 seatsSelling price/unit ?75 ?35 ?40Material costs/ unit ?5 laundry ?15 food ?5 refreshmentsOther variable costs/unit ?5 cleaning ?10 labour ?1 light & heata. Produce a budget that shows the contribution for each of the three services. Rank the three services as to the greatest contributions to profitability. What are the constraints?b. The marketing manager has asked your advice as to whether to accept EITHER 200 people attending a conference and staying for dinner in two sittings but with no hotel accommodation (which will make it very difficult to sell hotel rooms) OR to refuse the conference booking but to maintain the average 60% hotel occupancy, of which half use the dining room.


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