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For this 4-5 page project, you will create the Fin...




For this 4-5 page project, you will create the Financial Highlights, Presidents Letter to the Stockholders and Management Discussion and Analysis reports that would be contained in a company?s annual report. Companies normally issue these reports to the stockholders and other interested parties. These reports summarize the company?s operating activities for the past year and plans for the future. There are many variations in the order and form for presenting the major sections of the annual report. Each week you have addressed a different aspect of accounting and the business planning process. In the final project, you will use information gained from the weekly projects along with information obtained through research. These reports will be completed in Microsoft Word following APA format, and will require you to disclose your references. Assignment checklist ?Financial Highlights ?Presidents Letter to the Stockholders ?Management Discussion and Analysis,Did you get the attachment for this? In case you didn't I am attaching another one. Also I will be paying you aditionally for this assignment. Thanks,I think I attached the same thing twice here is another assignment from this course that I believe may help,The professor mentioned that this information will be useful too


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