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During 2012, ABC company finished construction of a new warehouse




Question;1. During 2012, ABC company finished construction of a new warehouse. Construction began on 1/1/2011. The cost of the new warehouse was $3,000,000 with the cost incurred evenly throughout the construction. The following information is provided:ABC Co. incremental interest rate is 10%Actual interest rate during 2012 was $135,000The average accumulated expenditures was $1,500,000Requirement:A.How much interest should be calculated?B.What is the entry to capitalize the interest?2.During 2012 XYZ company began and completed a small warehouse.Construction on the warehouse began on 1/2/2012.Expenditures were made as follows:January 2 $1,000,000March 1 $900,000July 1 $400,000Oct 1 $800,000XYZ financed the project by issuing $1,000,000 in stock at the beginning of 2012 and borrowed $1,200,000 from the bank at an interest rate of 8%. In addition the company had the following debt:$1,000,000, interest rate of 9% borrowed in 2010,$2,000,000,11% note borrowed in 2009.Both of the debts are due in 2015.Requirement:A.Calculated the 2012 Weighted Average Accumulated ExpendituresB.How much is avoidable interestC.How much is actual interestD.Make the entry capitalizing the interest in 2012.


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