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Read the article, ?Corporate Bond Analysis: What t...




Read the article, ?Corporate Bond Analysis: What to Consider Focusing on the important financial ratios that are described the article, write a three (3)-page report (to include tables) in which you COMPARE and CONTRAST the financial risk Bond A to Bond B (to be determined at time of assignment). This is a typical CFA Level 2 Exam type of question. Use the most recent Consolidated Financial Statements for the firms. Go back to Assignment 1 and review Problem 1.4 to find financial statement data. You can also go directly to the firm?s web site where Annual Reports can generally be found. The question is not intended to be difficult. The learning point of the question is for you to become familiar with and compare some of the key financial ratios so that you can justify (or not justify) the bond ratings. To read the article 1. Login to the AAII web site Login Name (ID): ksbinvest Password: sprf303 Corporate Bond Analysis: What to consider_AAII Journal May 2011 I will upload helpful files for this assignment.


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