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Question;1.) Which of the following is true?a) An AIS must be computerized to be useful b) An AIS always produces useful information c) An AIS always produces financial information d) none of these;2.) Which of the following is true about the terms ?data? and ?information? within the context of Chapter 1? a) The terms are exactly the sameb) The terms are always exact oppositesc) Some ?data? can also be ?information?d) none of these;3.) Most AISs perform all of these functions except: a) Collect raw accounting datab) Store accounting data for future usesc) Process data into useful informationd) AISs perform all of these functions;4.) Which of the following is one of the five interacting components of an accounting information system?a) Fuzzy logicb) Testingc) Certificationd) Procedurese) Internet;5.) A computer network spanning regional, national, or global areas best describes which of the following?a) LANb) WANc) ESPNd) DSLe) ISDN;6.). Documentation includes:a) All flowcharts, narratives, and other written communications associated with the information system b) All written communications associated with an accounting information system except flowcharts and data flow diagrams c) All flowcharts, narratives, and other written communications associated with an accounting information system, except for program flowcharts, decision tables, and pseudocode d) Flowcharts and data flow diagrams only;7.) A system flowchart is a block diagram that:a) Is used only by auditorsb) Is used primarily when document flowcharts cannot be usedc) Depicts the flow of computer systems in an organization d) Depicts the flow of data through a computerized accounting information system;8.) The financial accounting cycle ends with:a) The production of financial statementsb) Closing journal entriesc) The production of an adjusted trial balanced) Development of cash forecasts;9.). Which of the following is not usually a design consideration in coding systems?a) Consistencyb) Standardizationc) Government regulationd.) Plans for future expansion;10.) The primary objective of a manufacturing organization?s production process is to:a) Maintain inventories at a zero levelb) Convert raw materials into finished goods as efficiently as possiblec) Make sure that there are no product defects d) Maintain the documentation and report on an organization?s manufacturing process;11.) Which of the following is not a concern of the financing process?a) Effective cash managementb) Optimizing an organization?s cost of capitalc) Minimizing an organization?s borrowingsd) Projecting cash flows;12.) Business process reengineering efforts sometimes fail because:a) Management gets too involved in the processb) Management is too optimistic regarding its expectations from its implementationc) Management support can never overcome employee resistanced) Employees will never accept change;13.) Resource Management Process includes which of the following?a) Human resource management and fixed asset managementb) Human resource management, inventory management, and fixed asset managementc) Human resource management onlyd) Personnel management, payroll management, and fixed asset management;14.) All of these are reasons why we think that computer crime is rising except:a) Some Internet web sites now instruct users how to perform certain types of computer abuseb) More people now know how to use computersc) Computer usage continues to growd) all of these are reasons;15.) Thwarting computer abuse can be enhanced by all of the following except:a) Enlisting top-management supportb) Increasing employee awarenessc) Allowing only 10% of employees access to computersd) Identifying computer criminals;16.) Three objectives of a company?s internal control system should be safeguarding assets, checking the accuracy and reliability of accounting data, and promoting operational efficiency. A fourth objective of a company?s internal control system should be:a) Preventing embezzlement of assetsb) Encouraging adherence to prescribed managerial policiesc) Avoiding the payment of overtime to company employeesd) Revising standards for production costs on a weekly basis;17.) The control environment is a component of a company?s internal control system that:a) Influences the control awareness of a company?s employeesb) Stresses the development of control procedures in a companyc) Directly affects the accuracy and reliability of a company?s accounting datad) Can be ignored when establishing a company?s internal control system;18.) The principal function of an accounting system's computerized controls is:a) Detecting computer fraudsb) Preventing computer fraudsc) Encouraging programmer h


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