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Managerial Accounting Problem




Question;Question;Consider the following information;Q1;Q2;Q3;Beginning inventory (units);0;J;1,100;Budgeted units to be produced;20,000;20,000;20,000;Actual units produced;19,000;20,600;Q;Units sold;A;20,600;R;Variable manufacturing costs per unit produced;$150;$150;$150;Variable marketing costs per unit sold;$20;$20;$20;Budgeted fixed manufacturing costs;$500,000;$500,000;$500,000;Fixed marketing costs;$200,000;$200,000;$200,000;Selling price per unit;$300;$300;$300;Variable costing operating income;B;$1,978,000;S;Absorption costing operating income;C;K;$1,859,000;Variable costing beginning inventory ($);D;$165,000;T;Absorption costing beginning inventory ($);E;L;U;Variable costing ending inventory ($);F;M;$75,000;Absorption costing ending inventory ($);G;N;$87,500;PVV;H;O;V;Allocated fixed manufacturing costs;I;P;$480,000;There are no price, efficiency, or spending variances, and any production-volume variance is directly written off to cost of goods in the quarter in which it occurs.;Complete the missing figures from the above Table. You need to show your work in order to be eligible for partial credit.;Q1;Q2;Q3;A;J;Q;B;K;R;C;L;S;D;M;T;E;N;U;F;O;V;G;P;H;I


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