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D. Financial Analysis Question: For the past two...




D. Financial Analysis Question: For the past two years, calculate and discuss the significance of the following ratios: Liquidity ratios 2009 2010 Working capital $619,354 $1,747,124 Current ratio Receivable turnover Day?s sales uncollected Inventory turnover Day?s inventory on hand Payables turnover Day?s payable Operating cycle Financing period Profitability ratios 2009 2010 Profit margin 1.88% 4.21% Asset turnover Return on assets Return on equity Long-term Solvency ratios 2009 2010 Debt to equity ratio Interest coverage Cash Flow Adequacy 2009 2010 Cash flow yield Cash flows to sales Cash flows to assets Free cash flow Market Strength ratios 2009 2010 Price /earnings per share Dividends yield


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