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Question;ACC 546 Week 1 Individual Assignment Auditing;Introduction Letter;Write a letter to Apollo Shoes addressing the key points listed below;assume the role of an auditor at a local firm when composing the letter.;?;Explain the auditing and other assurance services your firm offers and;the benefit each has for the client.;?;Explain your role in providing the available assurance service to;clients.;? Describe the;requirements for meeting the standard for services you offer.;ACC 546 Week 2 Individual Assignment Beginning;the Audit Report;Apollo Shoes is satisfied with the services your firm offers and wants;to continue with the audit. Apollo Shoes would like you to prepare a letter;explaining how you plan to begin the audit process.;Include with your letter the following documents for the management at;Apollo Shoes.;?;Engagement checklist;?;Engagement letter;? Outline of timeframes;and milestones for the audit;ACC 546 Week 3 Individual Assignment The Audit Report;and Internal Control;Resource: pp. 62 & 63 in Ch. 3 of Auditing and Assurance;Services: An Integrated Approach;Evaluate the evidence provided by Apollo Shoes.;Decide how to structure the audit report for the provided evidence.;Compose an audit report reflecting the appropriate length;sections, and content for the provided information.;Include a description of the evidence, the accounting sampling and;testing procedures used, and a brief description of the value of the audit;report. You may use pp. 62 & 63 in Ch. 3 of Auditing and Assurance;Services to complete this assignment.;ACC 546 Week 4;Learning Team Assignment Audit Program Design Part I;Write an engagement letter for Apollo Shoes. Assume that Apollo Shoes is;a publicly traded company and that they have asked for SOX Section 404;consulting. Include the following key points;?;Significant regulations and guidelines related to audits of internal;control;?;Internal control risks identified within Apollo Shoes;?;A description of the relationship between internal controls and the;audit process;? A brief synopsis of;your responsibility in detecting and reporting fraud;ACC 546 Week 5;Learning Team Assignment Audit Program Design Part II;Design tests of controls, substantive tests of transactions, and;analytical procedures for the following Apollo Shoes cycles;?;Sales and collection cycle;?;Payroll and personnel cycle;ACC 546 Week 6 Individual;Assignment Audit Program Design Part III;?;Design tests of controls, substantive tests of transactions, and;analytical procedures for the following Apollo Shoes cycles;?;Inventory and warehousing cycle;?;Cash cycle


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