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Thefollowinginfcrmationwasmadeavailable fromtheincomestatementandbalance sheetofMeranda




Question;Thefollowinginfcrmationwasmadeavailable;fromtheincomestatementandbalance;sheetofMerandaCompany:/;Item;12/31/10;12/31/09;AccountsReceivable;$ 42,000;$45,100;AccountsPayable;27,900;24,500;MerchandiseInventory;68,000;63,000;Sales(2010);170,000;InterestRevenue(2010);3,200;DividendRevenue(2010);1,800;TaxExpense(2010);11,600;SalariesExpense;(2010);22,400;COGS(2010);57,000;InterestExpense(2010);2,200;OperatingExpenes;19,400;Completethecashflo;usingthe directmetho;fromoperating;activitiessectionforMeranda Companyfortheyearended;December31,2010.;2. GiventhefollowiComputethepercentage;balantothe;cesheet,completeahorizontalanalysis.nearesttenthof;apercent.;Jessica?sJewelryStoreComparativeBalanceSheetForYearsEndedDecember 31;2011;and2010;(inthousands);2011;2010;Difference;Percentage;Assets;CurrentAssets;CashandEquivalents;$319;$288;AccountsReceivable,net;166;173;Inventory;437;400;TotalCurrentAssets;922;861;Property,PlantandEquipment;TotalAssets;$1,299;$1,273;Liabilities;CurrentLiabilities;AccountsPayable;132;144;AccruedLiabilities;90;84;TotalCurrentLiabilities;222;228;Long-TermLiabilities;84;96;TotalLiabilities;306;324;Stockholders?Equity;CommonStock;288;255;RetainedEarnings;705;694;TotalStockholders?Equity;993;949;TotalLiabilitiesand;Stockholders?Equity;1,299;$1,273;ng;Part B: Answer each of the;following 15 questions. Each answer is worth;4 points.;1. Given the following information, show;the increase or decrease in the;accounting equation;A. Deanne invests $45,000 and $10,000 of;office equipment into the;business.;B. Furniture is purchased for $8,000 cash.;C. Supplies are purchased on credit for;$2,300.;D. The month?s electric bill of $775 was;paid.;E. The month?s cash sales were $5,000.;2. Journalize the following transactions;and include the explanations.;A. Tammy invested $40,000 into her corporation;on June 11.;B. Tammy purchased inventory for $95,000;of which $70,000 was on;account on June 14.;C. Tammy paid one month?s rent of $2,400;on June 16.;D. Tammy had sales of $15,000 on account;on June 19.;E. Tammy had paid $2,500 on her payables;account on June 21.;3. Prepare a trial balance from the;following information for Computer;Systems, Inc. for December 31, 2012;Accounts payable $4,298;Common stock $4,073;Sales $8,302;Cash $1,902;Notes payable $888;Wages expense $777;Supplies expense $1,028;Equipment $5,183;Accounts receivable $1,733;Inventory $6,938;4. Compute the missing information from;this post-closing trial balance;Cash;$38,502;Accounts Receivable 14,372;Prepaid Rent 18,229;Prepaid Insurance 4,583;Supplies (A);Accounts Payable;(B);Wages Payable 29,428;Common Stock;30,049;Retained Earnings;18,423;Total;$80,436 $80,436;5;5. Journalize the following transactions;using the perpetual inventory;method;Nov. 1 Purchased $3,600 of merchandise;from Hilltop, terms 2/10, n/30.;Nov. 5 Purchased $1,750 of merchandise;for cash from Owen?s Supply.;Nov. 7 Purchased $3,400 of merchandise;from Seaside, terms 1/15, n/30.;Nov. 10 Returned $500 of merchandise to;Seaside. Credit Memo #131.;Nov. 11 Paid the invoice from Hilltop.;6. Given the following information;prepare a balance sheet for Brandon?s;Campstore for the year ending December 31, 2012;Cash;$38,745;Retained Earnings;$171,309;Common Stock;$43,500;Equipment;$37,200;Accounts Receivable;$14,109;Accounts Payable;$26,351;Land;$35,000;Inventory;$81,311;Prepaid Supplies;$9,003;Income Taxes Payable;$5,284;Office Computers;$16,399;Other PPE;$26,550;Accum. Depr. (all);$21,013;Prepaid Insurance;$9,140;6;7. Rick Company?s beginning inventory and;purchases during the fiscal;year ended December 31, 2012, were as;follows: (Note:The;company uses a;perpetual;system of inventory.);Units;Unit Price;Total Cost;January 1?Beginning;18;$24;432;inventory;March 12?Sold;13;April 11?Purchase;45;$29;$1,305;June 20?Sold;33;Aug 16?Purchase;35;$27;$945;Sept 11?Sold;29;Total Cost of Inventory;Ending inventory is 23 units.;$2,682;What is the;ending inventory of Rick Company for 2012 using FIFO?;7;8. Assume that in Year 1, the ending;merchandise inventory is overstated;by $30,000. If this is the only error in;Years 1 and 2, fill in the items below;indicating which items will be;understated, overstated, or correctly stated for;Years 1 and 2.;Item;Year 1 Year 2;Gross Profit;Net Income;Ending Retained Earnings;9. Below is a list of treatments of;accounting topics. Place GAAP on the line;if the treatment is GAAP-based and place;IFRS on the line if the treatment is;IFRS-based.;A. The use of LIFO is allowed.;B. Both research and development costs;are expensed as incurred.;C. Market is defined as current;replacement cost.;10. Record the necessary journal entries;from the following bank;reconciliation;information for July 31, 2011;Bank Balance, July;31, 2011;$28,542;Checkbook Balance;July 31, 2011;29,344;Bank collection of;note receivable;1,545 + 210;interest;Bank service charge;75;Deposits in transit;3,145;Outstanding checks;2,685;NSF check from;customer;770;Correction of book;error (check #456 written;for $280, recorded at $28)?maintenance;expense;11. Journalize the following transactions;for Ryan Company;July 1 Sold $5,300 of merchandise to Rick;on account.;Nov. 1 Exchanged Rick?s account;receivable for an eight-month, 6% note for;$5,300.;Dec. 31 Recorded accrued interest on Jim?s;note (round to nearest dollar).;July 1 Rick paid off his note with;interest (round to nearest dollar).;12.;A computer system was purchased on July 1 at a cost of $125,000. It?s;expected to be used for four years and to have a residual value of;$5,000 after;8,000 hours of service. The system was;used for 1,750 hours the first year and;2,100 hours the second year. Calculate;the depreciation expense to the nearest;dollar for the first and second years.;Method;Year 1 Year 2;Straight-line;Double-declining-balance;Units-of-production;10;13. Prepare journal entries for the;following transactions for Ryan Company;in the general journal;Feb. 28 Machinery that cost $57,000 and;had accumulated depreciation of;$46,000 was sold for $2,500.;April 10 A van that cost $23,700 and had;accumulated depreciation of;$21,000 was sold for $1,250.;July 16 Equipment that cost $120,000 and;had accumulated depreciation;of $112,000 was traded in for new;equipment with a fair-market value of;$140,000. The old equipment and $135,000;in cash were given for the new;equipment.;14. Journalize the following treasury;stock transactions;May 1 Reacquired 800 shares of $15 par;common stock for $13 per share.;May 7 Sold 400 shares at $11 per share.;May 9 Sold;250 shares at $17 per share;15. The following information was taken;from the financial statements of;Brandon Company for 12/31/10 and12/31/09;Net income for 2010: $313,000;Depreciation expense for 2010: $28,400;Loss on sale of equipment: $7,300;Balance Sheet;12/31/10 12/31/09;Accounts Receivable $46,000 $50,000;Merchandise Inventory 35,000 28,000;Accounts Payable 27,000 24,000;Interest Payable;6,000;8,000;Prepare the operating activities section;of the statement of cash flows under the;indirect method for


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