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Question;1. Whats the role of managerial accountant in todays business environment and;how if any has the role changed over time?;2. In regards to cost allocation what really drives the consumption of those;costs and what drives and how does it help with such allocation process?;3. Variance analysis receives some criticism as a performance measure. What;about other measures such as ROI and EVA?;Variance analysis compares actual performance to budgeted performance in the;areas of material, labor and overheads. If the results of a business unit show;all positive variances, should the manager be rewarded for excellent;performance? A simple counter argument can be-what if the manager had padded;his business unit?s budget?;Video 1: Performance Management & Evaluation:;Video 2: Return on Investment-ROI:;Video 3: Economic value added-EVA;


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