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Question;(TCO B) Which of the following is true of qualitative research? (Points: 6) It is a structured measurement approach that permits a range of possible responses. It is indirect in nature, so consumers may be less guarded. It requires large sample sizes. Its results can be easily generalized to broader populations. It generally results in similar results and conclusions across researchers. 6. (TCO B) Any occasion on which a customer encounters the brand and product?from actual experience to personal or mass communications to casual observation is a customer ________. (Points: 6) touch point point of order point of difference pivot point point of parity 7. (TCO C) ________ constitutes the relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society, which are hierarchically ordered and whose members share similar values, interests, and behavior. (Points: 6) a culture a subculture a social class a family a group 8. (TCO C) In the consumer buying decision process, A consumer who uses Google to find comparative reports on new automobiles, is most likely using which of the following information sources for assistance? (Points: 6) personal public experiential commercial under-the-radar 9. (TCO C) Marriott Hotels customizes rooms and lobbies according to location. Northeastern hotels are sleeker and more cosmopolitan. Southwestern hotels are more rustic. This is an example of ________ segmentation. (Points: 6) demographic behavioral psychographic geographic cultural 10. (TCO C) The science of using psychology and demographics to better understand consumers is defined as____________. (Points


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