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ACC- Bob?s Flowers Problem




Question;Using the following trial balance information for Bob?s Flowers for 2010, prepare an adjusted trial balance, adjusting and closing journal entries, and (in good form) an Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings and Balance Sheet.;a. Expired insurance totals $8.b. Of the unearned revenue, all has been earned by the balance sheet date.c. Estimated depreciation of equipment is $6.d. Accrued wages equal $4.e. Unused supplies on hand are $4.f. Estimated income taxes are $2.;Account NameTrial Balance;Cash30debitAccount Receivable20debitPrepaid Insurance12debitSupplies10debitEquipment40debitAccumulated Depreciation, Equipment-6creditAccount Payable12creditUnearned Revenue8creditCommon Stock64creditDividends2debitService Revenue48creditWages Expense24debit


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