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Using the company you chose for the journal, co...




Using the company you chose for the journal, continue to research the company in order to be able to ultimately make a decision about investing in the company. (My company is Walmart) In your journal please answer the following questions regarding your company: 1-What filings does the company make annually and quarterly to the SEC? Why are these important? 2-Did your company make any Section 16 filings to the SEC? What is this filing used for? 3-What are the 8-k filings to the SEC? Why are these required by the SEC? 4-Did you find anything interesting in the 8-K filings for your company for the year? Be specific. 5-Did you find anything that would be interesting to an investor in the most recent 5-Q filing? Explain. 6-What risks exist for the company? How can the company alleviate these risks? 7-What competition does the company have in the current market? 8-Does the company have any current legal proceedings? If so briefly describe them. 9-Do you see any trends in the market price over the last few years? 10-Who is the independent external auditor of the financial statements? When was the last audit? 11-What is the sales revenue for the most current accounting period? 12-What is the total reported stockholders? equity for the most current accounting period? 13-By how much did cash increase or decrease during the current year? 14-What cash expenditures did your company make for property, plant, and equipment during the current year? Please make sure that your responses are in complete sentences and that you use correct grammar and punctuation.


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