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FIN2030 - Week 1, Assignment 3




Question;You are given the following information about XYZ Corporation;Account Name Value;Accounts payable 5800 Accounts receivable 10600 Accumulated depreciation 34000 Cash 17550 Common stock (10,000 shares) 46000 Cost of goods sold 6,750 Depreciation expense 600 Earnings before taxes????? General & admin expense 950 Gross buildings & equipment 123000 Gross profits 26,250 Interest expense 4,300 Inventories 7500 Long-term debt 56000 Net buildings & equipment 89000 Net income????? Operating income (EBIT)????? Retained earnings 16150 Sales 33,000 Short-term notes payable 700 Taxes @40% 8,160;Required: Using the Data above, complete the following on the templates provided: Part 1: Complete the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for XYZ Corporation Part 2: Calculate the Ratios for XYZ Corporation Part 3: Complete the Ratio analysis using Cross-Sectional Analysis and Trend Analysis;Use this Templates for Part 1;XYZ Corporation Balance Sheet As of December 31, 20XX;Assets Current Assts;Total Current Assets;Total Assets;Liabilities and Equity Liabilities;Total Current Liabilities;Total Liabilities;Equity;Total Equity Total Liabilities and Equity;XYZ Corporation Income Statement For the year ending December 31, 20XX;Sales;Net Income;Use the Template below for Part Two;Ratio Formula Your Answer Operating Profit Margin After Taxes;Gross Profit Margin;Average Collection Period;Total Asset Turnover;Fixed Asset Turnover


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