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Question;The Weikart Company had the following items on its December 31, 20X0, balance sheet and 20X0 income statement (in dollars except for number of shares outstanding):Cash and equivalent $55,000Revenues 800,000Notes payable 51,000Long-term debt, excluding current portion 210,000Accounts receivable, net 48,000Provision for income taxes 60,000Other long-term assets 110,000Interest expense 55,000Deferred income tax liability-long-term 44,000Retained earnings 204,000Income taxes payable 37,000Cost of sales 470,000Inventories 36,000Prepaid...;1. Prepare in proper for from December 31, 20X0, balance sheet and the 20X0 income statement for Weikart Company. Include the proper amount for additional paid in capital.


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