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ACC3300 Excel Spreadsheet Project ? Fall 2013




Question;ACC3300 Excel Spreadsheet Project ? Fall 2013;On;December 31, 2012, Barker Inc. provided consulting services to Carr Company at;an agreed price of $151,121. Barker;accepted $60,000 down and agreed to accept the balance in four equal;installments of $30,000 to be received each December 31, beginning December 31;2013. An assumed interest rate of 12% is;imputed.;Instructions;Using;Excel, prepare the amortization schedule and then record all required journal;entries that would be made by Barker on the following dates (a) December 31;2012, (b) December 31, 2013, (c) December 31, 2014, (d) December 31, 2015, and;(e) December 31, 2016.;You;will be assessed on the following skills;(1);correct data entered;(2);correct and accessible formulas;(3);column headings and labels;(4);titles merged and centered, and;(5);spreadsheet formatting and printing.;?;Each;student must submit the completed spreadsheet to me by email;?;Include;the following in the subject line of your email: ACC3300 Excel Project Fall 2013, Your Name;?;Failure;to use the appropriate subject line in the email will result in grade reduction;of 1 letter grade.


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