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Question;1) The term F.O.B. means;2) A purchase order is used to;3) The account used to record the purchase of goods is;4) On March 30, Bailey?s Dog Bakery purchased $1,000 of;merchandise on account from theWilliams Company. The goods were shipped F.O.B.;shipping point. The freight charge of $80was paid by Williams Company and added;to the invoice. The amount to record in theAccounts Payable account is;5) The entry to record a payment on a $900 account within the 1%;discount period wouldinclude a:.;6) A purchase discount was recorded as a credit to the Purchases;account - the remainder wascorrectly recorded. This error will cause:.;Unit 4;Examination;135;Introduction to Accounting;7) The freight paid on equipment purchased F.O.B. shipping point;was debited to the Freight-Inaccount. This error will cause;8) A purchase discount that was earned and taken was never;recorded. This error will cause:.;9) Returned merchandise paid for within the discount period for a;cash refund. This will berecorded with;Answer D) a debit to an asset.;10) Purchase returns and allowances;11) Returned merchandise for credit. The perpetual inventory;system is in use. This will;12) Under the perpetual system, the purchase of merchandise is;recorded by a(n):.;Unit 4;Examination;136;Introduction to Accounting;13) The inventory method where the cost flows tend to follow the;physical flows are;14) The inventory method that matches old costs with current;selling prices is;15) The advantage of the LIFO method is;16) The principle of consistency states that;17) If the ending inventory is overstated;18) The ending inventory for this year is understated. This error;would cause:.;Unit 4;Examination;137;Introduction to Accounting;19) A business is using LIFO when FIFO should have been used;during an inflationary period. Thiserror would cause;20) Which of the following is an example of a land improvement?;21) Which depreciation method deducts residual value when;computing depreciation expense?;22) Capital expenditures would include;23) Greetings Online disposed of a van that cost $22,000 with;accumulated depreciation of $15,000. The journal entry would be to:.;24) All of the following are intangible assets except;Unit 4;Examination;138;Introduction to Accounting;25) When calculating declining balance depreciation, the;straight-line rate was used instead ofdouble the straight-line rate. In the first;year of ownership, this error would cause


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