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Question;Calculate the cost of goods sold and ending;inventory of the Summertime Corporation, using the FIFO and LIFO methods, using;the following information;Beginning Inventory 5 units @ $2;January 5th 7 units @ $3;January 15th 9 units @ $5;Assume 8 units left in ending inventory.;Show all work and label the Cost of Goods;Sold and Ending Inventory calculations well, labeling the method used for each;calculation. There should be 4 final;answers, worth 5 pts each. Thanks!;Expand the Word Document for your answers;to fit or use separate sheets.;2. During periods of rising prices, which;method will always yield the higher cost of goods sold and explain, in detail;why. Also, why would some managers want;to use this method?;3. Which method will always yield the more;current ending inventory? Explain in;detail, why. Explain what ?the more;current ending inventory? means, too.


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