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Question;Follow the link below and answer the;following questions.;;What kind of business (industry / area of;commerce) is the company involved in?;Samsung is the world?s leading electronic;company that specializes in digital media and technological discovery. In the;beginning Samsung business was simple.;The electronic industry as we know it today was small and moving as at a;snail?s pace. But in today?s market with a more global focus commerce, Samsung;game plan had to adapt. Samsung?s;industry has grown to every household, business, government, transportation, and;medical market. Not to mention E-Commerce.;What kind of statistics information did you;find? List them if there?s more than one kind. Describe each as to origin (how;do you think the data was obtained) and type of measurement.;Because of the diversity of Samsung;Electronics their statistically model of growth continued to increase year by;year.;Sales by Region(KRW trillion);Proportion of Sales by Region 2009 2010 2011;America 28.8% 33.8 43.5 47.5;Europe 23.7% 35.1 36.0 39.1;Asia 17.4%;27.1 24.9 28.8;Korea 16.1% 21.9 25.9 26.5;China 14.0% 23.8 24.3 23.1;("Samsung electronics;sustainability," 2012);To what division of the company is the;statistics information you found related? (Marketing, Finances, Production;etc.) Marketing and Finance is both;heavily related in the information.;Give a brief opinion as to what this;information is probably used for, and what reasons the firm might have to post;it on its web page.;Citations;Samsung electronics sustainability report 2012.;(2012). Retrieved from Facts & Figures - Samsung


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