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Question;Ex. 7-11A;Executive Officers of Dominick Company are wrestling with their budget for the next year. The following are two different sales estimates provide by two difference sources.;Source of Estimate;First Quarter;Second Quarter;Third Quarter;Fourth Quarter;Sales Manager;$380,000;$310,000;$280,000;$480,000;Marketing Consultant;520,000;460,000;410,000;650,000;Dominick?s past experience indicates that cost of goods sold is about 60 percent of sales revenue. The company tries to maintain 10 percent of the next quarters expected cost of goods sold as the current quarter?s ending inventory. This year?s ending inventory is $29,000. Next year?s ending inventory is budgeted to be $30,000.;Required;a. Prepare an inventory purchases budget using the sales manger?s estimate.;b. B. Prepare an inventory purchases budget using the marketing consultant?s estimate


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