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Question;1);A portfolio with a correlation of +1 is not a well-diversified;portfolio. What must you as an investor do to structure a portfolio with;negative correlation?;2);What macroeconomic variable do you believe has the greatest impact on;interest rates? Inflation? Briefly explain.;3);Compare and contrast the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Arbitrage;Pricing Theory (APT)? Which model is appropriate for calculating a stock's;required rate of return? What is the Securities Market Line and which of the;above models is it a product of?.;4);How would you determine if a public corporation's financial statements;are reliable?;5);What is a straddle? Would you use it when buying/writing options? Why?.;6);Are the financial markets efficient, and if so, under what form of;the Efficient Market Hypothesis model?;7);What is the Bid price for a stock? What is the Ask price for a stock? What is a;Stop Loss for a stock?;8);Briefly compare and contrast the primary market and the secondary markets.;What types of investors participate in each market? Briefly;describe the investment banking process.


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